Southern Oregon Fencing Club

Learn to Fence!

The Southern Oregon Fencing Club welcomes men, women, girls and boys of all ages and all skill levels. We offer introductory classes to people who are interested in learning the sport of fencing, recreational classes for improving fitness and skills, and active competitive programs. We are a community of fencers dedicated to working together to learn and play this fascinating martial art.

Fencing development is substantially self-paced; students can approach the sport as a recreational and aerobic fitness activity or commit to become top-level competitors. Fencers quickly learn that size and strength are not the principal elements of success; balance, timing and – above all – good technique and tactics are essential. As with other martial arts, fencers emphasize honor and integrity in their sport. The formal etiquite of fencing helps assure the safety of the sport, which has substantially fewer injuries than most other common sporting activities.

Absolute beginners are welcomed and will receive classically-oriented training from our certified instructors and assistance from our more experienced fencers. Equipment is available for use by beginning fencers. Fencing gear and clothing also is available for purchase when students decide they want their own equipment.

Medford Program

Southern Oregon Fencing Center LLC is pleased to announce that, beginning in January 2014, fencing classes in Medford will be offered by a newly established non-profit organization known as ''Southern Oregon Fencing Club."

In general, classes and other Medford program activities are expected to be similar, with many of the same instructors and other people continuing to be involved. Classes will be offered for beginning, novice and intermediate recreational foil fencers from youth to adult, as well as for saber and competitive foil and epee fencers.

A notable difference is that classes and other activities will be located at the gymnasium of the Madrone Trail Charter School, located at 3070 Ross Lane, Central Point.

Further information may be obtained by emailing the Club at or by calling 541-326-2356.

Ashland Program

The Ashland program is operated by Southern Oregon Fencing Club in conjunction with the Ashland Family YMCA. Classes are conducted in the Ashland YMCA building located at 540 YMCA Way in southern Ashland, just off Tolman Creek Road. The YMCA program offers beginning to intermediate fencing for youths to adults, organized by age and skill level.

SOFC's classes at the YMCA are primarily recreational. Students learn the technique, rules and etiquette of fencing with the standard (non-electric) foil, which is the traditional teaching weapon of the sport. Students learn skills that are fundamental to safety, fun and success in each of the three fencing weapons (foil, saber and epee). Intermediate students also practice epee fencing. Our program emphasizes respect for oneself and one's companions along with skill-building, fun and camaraderie.

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